Ari Lennox Weight Loss: A Revealing Insight

Ari Lennox is an American R&B singer and songwriter known for her soulful vocals and relatable lyrics [1]. She first gained attention by uploading covers to YouTube before releasing her debut EP Pho in 2016 [2]. Her music blends elements of neo-soul, R&B, and jazz, drawing comparisons to singers like Erykah Badu.

After signing with Dreamville Records, Ari released her debut album Shea Butter Baby in 2019, which contained her breakout hit “BMO.” The album was met with critical acclaim, garnering Ari two Grammy nominations [3]. With her soulful voice and confessional songwriting, Ari has developed a devoted fanbase drawn to her authenticity.

Ari’s Struggles with Body Image

Ari Lennox Weight Loss

Ari has been open about her past struggles with weight and body image. In 2019, she spoke out in defense of Lizzo, who was facing criticism about her size. Ari shared that she too had dealt with hurtful comments about her appearance.

Despite her success, Ari has faced insecurities about her body. She once said “I’m beautiful, but sometimes I don’t feel beautiful enough by society’s standards”. Her weight has fluctuated over the years, which has been challenging. At times, negative comments and unrealistic beauty standards made her question herself.

Deciding to Make a Change

Ari Lennox has been open about her struggles with body image and self-esteem throughout her career. In several interviews, she shared that she often compared herself to other women in the music industry and felt pressure to change her appearance.

However, Lennox’s motivation to lose weight stemmed from her desire to become healthier overall. She wanted to get in shape, have more energy, and feel better about herself. Lennox decided it was time to stop criticizing her looks and start focusing on becoming the best version of herself.

After recognizing how negatively she viewed her body, Ari knew she needed to make a change. She committed to losing weight in a healthy way, not to conform to society’s standards, but to gain confidence and improve her wellbeing. This mindset shift marked the beginning of her weight loss journey.

Her Weight Loss Journey

Ari Lennox Before and After

Ari credits her weight loss transformation to major changes in her diet and exercise routine. She decided to go vegan, cutting out all animal products and focusing on a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and legumes. This nutrient-dense diet helped her lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way.

In terms of exercise, Ari works out intensely 4-5 days per week, focusing on a mix of cardio and strength training. She does 2-3 hours of exercise per session, incorporating activities like running, biking, swimming for cardio and lifting weights, resistance bands, bodyweight exercises for strength. Having an exercise partner and trainer helps motivate her. The intense workouts coupled with her vegan diet accelerated her weight loss transformation.

Total Weight Lost

As per her trainer, Shadia, Ari Lennox dropped roughly 3% of her body fat mass and around 5 lbs total. Her instructor stated that Ari was committed to the process and put in the hard work needed to see results. Though the total amount lost may seem small, losing even 5 lbs can make a big difference for some people.

For Ari, the process helped her build healthy habits and achieve a fitter, more toned physique. Even if the scale doesn’t show dramatic losses, small sustainable changes in body composition and fitness levels can still be major accomplishments.

How She Did It

Ari Lennox Workout

Ari committed to losing weight through a combination of diet and exercise. According to this source, she started working with a personal trainer 4-5 days per week, focusing on strength training and cardio. This included circuit training, using weights and resistance bands, as well as cardio bursts on the treadmill or stair stepper.

In terms of diet, Ari emphasized eating healthier, nutrient dense foods while still allowing herself occasional treats. She cut out processed foods and started meal prepping to stay consistent. Portion control and eating enough protein was key. Ari also focused on staying hydrated by drinking a lot of water.

Mentally, she worked on having a more positive relationship with her body and not being as hard on herself. Ari embraced body positivity and self-love, which motivated her to get healthier in a sustainable way. Her weight loss journey helped her gain confidence.

Maintaining Her Progress

According to Total Shape, Ari Lennox has been able to maintain her weight loss through consistent healthy habits. She continues to focus on nutrition by sticking to a clean diet full of lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats. Exercise also remains a priority for Ari. She works out 5-6 days per week, mixing up cardio, strength training, yoga, and Pilates.

Ari emphasizes the importance of balance and moderation in keeping the weight off long-term. While she allows herself the occasional treat, she doesn’t overindulge or let her diet slide for extended periods. Staying accountable through tracking her habits and progress provides motivation to stick to her routine.

Overall, Ari’s maintenance approach involves cementing the healthy lifestyle changes that enabled her initial success. Her consistency and commitment to nutritious eating and regular exercise makes keeping the weight off achievable.

Advice for Others

Tips for Weight Loss

Ari has some great tips for those looking to get healthy like she did. She recommends starting small and taking it one step at a time rather than trying to overhaul everything at once. Ari suggests focusing on diet first, cutting out processed foods and soda while increasing fruits, vegetables, and water intake. She advises finding physical activities you enjoy rather than traditional exercise you may dread, whether it’s dance classes, hiking, or playing sports.

Ari stresses the importance of self-love and not being too hard on yourself throughout the process. As she told Essence, “You have to be kind to yourself. And you have to do it for the right reasons – not to impress anybody else”. She encourages celebrating small victories along the way rather than only focusing on the number on the scale. Most importantly, Ari wants people to know lasting change comes from within, when you learn to love your body no matter its size.

Her Outlook Today

After dedicating herself to healthier habits, Ari says she feels much more confident and empowered these days. She credits her weight loss journey for boosting her self-esteem and changing her outlook on life.

Losing weight has also had a positive impact on Ari’s music career. She feels more comfortable in her body on stage and in music videos, allowing her focus to be on her performances rather than her appearance. Ari says she now has the energy and stamina needed to deliver great shows night after night while on tour.

Overall, Ari’s outlook today is extremely positive. She is proud of the hard work she put in to transform her body and feels beautiful, confident, and empowered. Ari is grateful her weight loss journey led to improved self-esteem and a boost in her music career. She hopes her story can inspire others who are struggling with their weight or image.


Ari Lennox’s weight loss journey has been inspiring. She struggled with body image issues for years before finally deciding to make a change. Through dedication and hard work, Ari lost over 45 pounds in 2 years. She changed her diet and started working out consistently. Now Ari feels healthier and more confident. Her story shows that with commitment and perseverance, you can overcome obstacles and transform your life.

Ari hopes to motivate others who are struggling with their weight or self-image. If she can do it, anyone can. Keep working hard and believe in yourself. The journey may be difficult, but the rewards are so worth it. Ari is proof that you hold the power to reshape your body and your life.

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