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Kaley Cuoco is an American actress best known for her starring role as Penny on the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory. She began acting in television shows and movies in the 1990s as a teenager, appearing in series like My So-Called Life. Her career continued to grow steadily through the early 2000s with roles in popular shows like Charmed and 8 Simple Rules. But her big break came when she landed the part of Penny on The Big Bang Theory in 2007, which became one of the most popular sitcoms in television history.

Kaley Cuoco has gone on to become one of the highest paid actresses on television thanks to the huge success of The Big Bang Theory. She has received numerous award nominations for her portrayal of Penny, cementing her place as one of the most prominent and bankable actresses working today.

Kaley’s Struggles with Weight Gain

Kaley Cuoco Weight Loss Result

Kaley Cuoco started struggling with her weight around the third season of The Big Bang Theory in 2010. Fans began noticing a difference in Kaley’s appearance, commenting that she looked heavier than in the first couple seasons of the show.

While some chalked it up to normal fluctuations that many people experience in their 20s, others were more critical and accused Kaley of letting herself go. Kaley later opened up that around season 3 and 4, she started gaining weight and struggled with body image issues as a result.

Some fans speculated that the weight gain was intentional for Kaley’s character Penny, to reflect her beer drinking habits and unhealthy lifestyle. However, Kaley clarified that the weight gain was unintentional and a result of her own personal struggles at the time. She had to learn to ignore hurtful comments and accept herself at any size.

Her Initial Weight Loss Efforts

Kaley first struggled with her weight in her early 20s while filming The Big Bang Theory. Long hours on set meant a lot of takeout and quick snacks between scenes, which led to gradual weight gain over several seasons.

To combat this, Kaley initially tried various fad diets like low carb and Paleo, but found them too restrictive for her lifestyle. She also attempted intense workout programs like CrossFit and bootcamp classes, but struggled to maintain them consistently.

Though she would see some short term results, Kaley had trouble sticking to these extreme plans long term. She realized she needed to find a balanced approach to get lasting results.

Deciding on Major Lifestyle Changes

Kaley Cuoco Weight Loss Progress

Kaley Cuoco had struggled with her weight for years, going up and down repeatedly. Though she tried various diets and exercise plans, she could never find something sustainable that led to lasting results.

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In early 2016, after ending her marriage and dealing with some injuries, Kaley realized she needed to fully commit to a major lifestyle overhaul if she wanted to get healthy and in shape. She was tired of yo-yo dieting and seeing only temporary results.

Kaley decided it was time to make meaningful, long-term changes to her eating habits and fitness routine. She committed to cooking more meals at home, swapping out unhealthy ingredients, and working out several times per week with a trainer. Her primary motivations were boosting her energy, feeling confident, and taking control of her health. Kaley was ready to put in the hard work needed to transform her diet, fitness, and lifestyle.

Her New Diet

Kaley started following a cleaner, lower-calorie diet to help lose weight. She cut out junk food and started eating more vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, and healthy fats. Kaley loads up on protein like grilled salmon with veggies at dinnertime. She also enjoys making tacos with salmon and veggies to keep it interesting.

Kaley sticks to around 1500 calories per day, focusing on nutrient-dense foods. A sample day may include oatmeal with fruit for breakfast, a salad with chicken or fish for lunch, hummus and veggies for a snack, and a lean protein with sweet potato and greens for dinner. She emphasizes getting plenty of fiber from whole grains, fruits, veggies and legumes.

Though Kaley eats healthy most of the time, she lets herself indulge in moderation. Having a little dark chocolate or wine is perfectly fine by her! Overall, consistency with her diet along with portion control has been key for maintaining her slimmer figure long-term.

Her New Fitness Routine

Kaley Cuoco Weight Loss Workout

To get in shape and stay fit, Kaley started following a challenging workout regimen under the guidance of her personal trainer Ryan Sorensen. Kaley’s routine focuses on full-body strength training and cardio.

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Kaley works out 5-6 days a week. Her routine includes exercises like close grip push ups, planks, mountain climbers, side planks, and burpees to target her arms, core, and lower body. She also does HIIT training involving things like jump squats, jumping lunges, and plyometric burpees to boost her heart rate and burn calories.

In addition, Kaley does yoga and Pilates regularly to increase her flexibility and balance. She even has a home gym so she can workout whenever she wants. Kaley’s intense fitness regimen has been key to her successful weight loss transformation.

Seeing Results

After sticking to her new diet and exercise routine for several months, Kaley began seeing noticeable results. Kaley lost a total of 30 pounds over a 5 month period, dropping from a size 6 down to a size 2. Her weight loss transformation was visible, with Kaley looking significantly slimmer and more toned.

She credits her success to making sustainable lifestyle changes like cooking healthy meals at home and working out 4-5 days per week. Though the process took dedication and consistency, Kaley was thrilled with her weight loss and newly defined physique.

Maintaining Her Weight Loss

Kaley has worked hard to maintain her slimmer figure after reaching her goal weight. She credits sticking to a healthy diet and regular exercise for keeping the weight off long-term.

Though Kaley allows herself more flexibility now, she still follows the same eating principles that led to her initial weight loss. She focuses on lean proteins like chicken and fish, veggies, fruits, and healthy fats like avocado. She also limits her consumption of refined carbs and added sugars.

Kaley makes sure to keep her workouts consistent as well. She does yoga 5 times a week to improve strength and flexibility. She also incorporates cardio like cycling or running to maintain her fitness. Kaley emphasizes the importance of exercise for mental health too, saying it helps reduce stress and makes her feel happier.

Though Kaley has reached her goal, she knows maintaining it requires continued effort. Her healthy habits have become a sustainable lifestyle that keeps her feeling great.

Kaley’s Advice for Others

Tips for Weight Loss

Kaley has shared some helpful tips for losing weight and getting in shape based on what worked for her. One thing she recommends is cutting your portions in half, especially when dining out. As she told Women’s Health, “If I go to dinner, she [her trainer] immediately wants me to cut my plate in half. I’ll eat half and then take a little break.” Portion control can be a struggle, but visualizing splitting your plate can help.

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Kaley also advises finding an eating and exercise balance that is sustainable. Crash dieting doesn’t work long-term. She aims for 45 minutes of exercise like yoga or SoulCycle daily, along with a healthy diet full of lean protein, vegetables, and smart snacking. “It’s all about balance,” Kaley told Us Weekly. Having a consistent routine focused on nutritious fueling and movement has helped her maintain her fit physique.

Lastly, Kaley stresses not being too hard on yourself. Focus on how working out and eating well makes you feel, not just how it makes you look. She has come to really enjoy activities like yoga for the mental benefits too. Maintaining a positive mindset and not obsessing over your weight is key. “I’m not a fan of beating yourself up,” Kaley told Shape. Finding happiness along your fitness journey is what matters most.


Kaley Cuoco has come a long way in her weight loss journey. From struggling with significant weight gain that impacted her self-image and confidence, to making major lifestyle changes and seeing amazing results, Kaley’s story is inspirational.

By overhauling her diet, incorporating daily exercise, and sticking to these new habits, Kaley has successfully maintained her weight loss for over five years now. She is clearly at home in her body and exudes confidence.

While the initial motivation to lose weight came from a place of frustration over her changing body, Kaley has grown to appreciate the mental and physical health benefits that resulted from her commitment to living a healthier lifestyle. Her story shows that with dedication and resilience, substantial weight loss goals can be met safely and sustainably.

Kaley hopes her experiences will inspire others who are facing similar struggles with their weight. She suggests focusing on developing healthy habits over the long-term, as opposed to extreme short-term fixes. Kaley emphasizes the importance of finding physical activities you enjoy and eating foods that make you feel good. Her weight loss journey proves that with some determination and self-love, you absolutely can achieve the healthy body you desire.

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