Katie Maloney Weight Loss: From Struggle to Victory

Katie Maloney is best known for starring on the hit Bravo reality show Vanderpump Rules. The show follows the lives of servers at Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant SUR in West Hollywood, California. Katie joined the cast when the show premiered in 2013.

She was in a relationship with fellow cast member Tom Schwartz, and the two got married in 2016 [1]. Katie has been a main cast member for all ten seasons of Vanderpump Rules. She is known for her lively personality and sharp wit. Recently, she made headlines for her significant weight loss transformation.

Katie’s Weight Loss Journey

Katie Maloney Weight Loss

Katie began her weight loss journey in early 2020 when she decided she wanted to feel healthier and happier. She managed to lose around 20 pounds by April 2020 through diet and exercise changes. Katie opened up about her weight loss on social media, sharing that she had struggled with her weight fluctuating since appearing on Vanderpump Rules and that she was feeling great about her recent progress.

Diet Changes

Katie made several changes to her diet to facilitate her weight loss journey. She started tracking her food intake using the MyFitnessPal app to gain awareness of her daily calorie intake. This allowed her to make adjustments to reduce overall calories while still eating foods she enjoyed.

Katie limited her alcohol consumption, particularly beer and margaritas which can be high in calories. She cut out fast food and started cooking healthier meals at home more often. Katie increased her protein intake by adding protein shakes, chicken breast, fish, and eggs. She also upped her vegetable intake by making salads and roasted veggies daily.

Some of her go-to meals were omelets, salmon, salads with chicken or steak, and zucchini noodles with pesto sauce. Though she didn’t completely eliminate carbs, Katie did reduce her portions of pasta, rice, and bread. She focused on making small, sustainable changes over time rather than crash dieting. Overall, Katie aimed for a balanced diet with lean proteins, fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, and moderate carbs.

Exercise Routine

Katie Maloney Workout

Katie incorporated a variety of exercises into her routine to aid in her weight loss journey. She started doing spinning classes several times a week, finding it to be an effective cardio workout that helped her burn calories and lose weight. Spinning, also known as indoor cycling, provides aerobic exercise by simulating outdoor cycling in a stationary, group setting.

In addition to spinning, Katie began doing Pilates regularly. Pilates focuses on core strength, flexibility, and muscle control. It helped tone and strengthen her body as she was losing weight. She also started walking her dogs more often, taking them on longer walks to increase her daily activity. The additional movement from walking helped burn extra calories each day.

Keeping her workouts varied with cardio like spinning, strength training like Pilates, and increased general activity through dog walking assisted Katie in reaching her weight loss goals through exercise. Her multi-faceted fitness routine targeted different areas for maximum results.

Weight Loss Tips

Katie shared some of the strategies she used to lose weight in interviews following her weight loss journey. One tip Katie gave was tracking what you eat using an app like MyFitnessPal to stay accountable for your diet. She also recommended intermittent fasting, where you restrict eating to an 8-hour window during the day. Katie said this helped her be more mindful about when and what she was eating.

Another tip from Katie was to find an exercise routine you enjoy and can stick to. She found cycling classes worked well for her. Overall, Katie emphasized having discipline, being consistent, and making lifestyle changes you can maintain long-term.


Katie Maloney Before and After

Katie’s significant weight loss drew a range of reactions from fans, friends, and family. Many fans were supportive and congratulatory, praising Katie for her hard work and dedication. Her Vanderpump Rules co-stars, including Stassi Schroeder, also complimented Katie on her slimmer figure.

However, some critics claimed Katie lost too much weight and looked too thin, worrying she may have developed unhealthy habits. Her husband, Tom Schwartz, expressed concern over comments about Katie’s weight, saying he just wants her to be healthy and happy. Katie’s mom also worried about her daughter losing too much weight too quickly.

Overall, reactions covered the spectrum from praise to concern over Katie’s significant slim down. She took the feedback in stride, maintaining she felt happy and healthy.

Maintaining Her Weight Loss

Katie has worked hard to maintain her weight loss over time. She focuses on sticking to a healthy diet and consistent exercise routine to keep the weight off. Katie emphasizes the importance of portion control and making healthy choices. She limits sweets and fried foods, opting for lean proteins, fruits, vegetables and whole grains instead. Katie also aims for at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise per day, whether it’s walking, jogging, cycling or lifting weights.

She understands that maintaining weight loss is an ongoing process that requires dedication. Katie keeps her motivation high by tracking her progress and celebrating small victories. Her persistence and commitment to her health and wellness routine has allowed Katie to successfully keep off the weight long-term.

Impact on Her Life

Katie Maloney Actress

Katie has said that losing weight has had a profound impact on her outlook and quality of life. She feels much more confident, energetic, and comfortable in her own skin. Losing over 30 pounds has also improved Katie’s health, with her stating she has less back pain and feels better able to keep up with her busy lifestyle.

Overall, Katie is much happier and feels her weight loss has been life changing. She is thrilled she committed to the process and was able to reach her goals through hard work and determination. The weight loss has boosted Katie’s self-esteem and empowered her to feel more comfortable being in the public eye. She hopes sharing her story will inspire others who are looking to get healthier and improve their lives.

Advice for Others

Tips for Weight Loss

Katie Maloney has shared some advice for others who are trying to lose weight based on her own journey and experience. She recommends taking it slow and not trying to rush the process. Maloney advises having patience, sticking to a sustainable routine, and not being too hard on yourself along the way. She suggests making gradual changes to your diet by reducing portion sizes, limiting snacking, and focusing on nutritious whole foods.

Maloney also stresses the importance of finding an exercise routine you enjoy and can stick to consistently, whether that’s walking, strength training, yoga, etc. Most importantly, Maloney tells others to stay positive, believe in themselves, and realize that the number on the scale isn’t everything. She wants people to appreciate their bodies and feel confident at any size.


Katie Maloney has shared an inspiring weight loss journey over the past couple years. After struggling with her weight on Vanderpump Rules, Katie committed to making major lifestyle changes in 2020. She revamped her diet by reducing carbs and calories while focusing on nutrient-dense foods. She also started working out regularly, doing a mix of strength training and cardio.

Katie’s hard work has paid off, with the reality star losing around 20-30 pounds. She looks and feels better than ever before. While the journey wasn’t always easy, Katie has maintained her thinner physique and new healthy habits. She hopes her story motivates others who want to transform their bodies through diet and exercise.

Katie’s weight loss goes to show that anything is possible with dedication and support. While results will vary for each person, her general tips like controlling portions, meal prepping, finding workouts you enjoy, and staying consistent are applicable to anyone hoping to shed extra pounds. Katie continues to be open about her fluctuating weight, proving that maintenance requires ongoing effort. But the rewards of a healthier body and lifestyle make it all worthwhile.

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