Amy Slaton’s Weight Loss Journey

Amy Slaton is one half of the Slaton Sisters featured on the TLC reality show 1000-lb Sisters. She and her sister Tammy struggled with obesity from a young age. Their weight issues stemmed from emotional eating and an unstable childhood, often turning to food for comfort.

By her late 20s, Amy’s weight had peaked at over 400 pounds. This prompted her and Tammy to film a YouTube video asking for help losing weight, which caught the attention of TLC producers. The Slaton sisters were soon starring in their own show chronicling their weight loss journeys.

Amy’s Early Life and Weight Struggles

Amy Slaton Weight Loss Then and Now

Amy Slaton grew up in Dixon, Kentucky with her sister Tammy. From a young age, Amy struggled with her weight. In an interview, Amy shared that her weight issues started early in childhood. She recalls always being “the chubby kid” and feeling self-conscious about her size compared to other children.

Amy points to several factors that contributed to her early weight gain. She grew up in a low-income household and lacked access to healthy foods. Emotional eating also played a role, with Amy using food to cope with bullying and low self-esteem stemming from her size. Genetics likely also predisposed Amy to obesity, as she had many relatives who struggled with their weight.

By high school, Amy’s weight was already significantly impacting her health and mobility. She found herself unable to participate in normal activities like her peers. This led to further emotional issues and a deepening reliance on food as a source of comfort. Amy’s early struggles set the stage for a lifelong battle with obesity that she continues working hard to overcome today.

Appearing on 1000-lb Sisters

After struggling with her weight her whole life, Amy decided to join the TLC reality show 1000-lb Sisters with her sister Tammy in 2019. The show followed the two sisters on their journey to lose weight through diet, exercise, and ultimately bariatric surgery. Amy hoped that the accountability and motivation provided by filming the show would finally help her conquer her lifelong battle with obesity.

While wary of opening up their lives to television cameras, Amy felt it was worth the risk if it meant finally getting healthy and being there for her newborn son. She knew she had to make drastic changes to her lifestyle in order to be the mother she wanted to be. Though an undoubtedly difficult decision, appearing on 1000-lb Sisters provided the structure, guidance and emotional support Amy needed to begin transforming her life.

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Amy’s Weight Loss Journey

Amy Slaton Weight Loss Workout

After having bariatric surgery, Amy was committed to making the lifestyle changes necessary to continue losing weight and keeping it off. She worked hard to overhaul her diet, limiting calories to between 1000-1200 per day. Amy focused on eating plenty of protein and vegetables to stay full while cutting back significantly on fried foods, sugar, and empty carbs. She also began cooking at home more instead of eating out.

In terms of exercise, Amy aimed for low-impact activities she could maintain long-term. She incorporated more walking, swimming, stretching, and strength training into her routine. Though Amy doesn’t have a single favorite workout, she tries to be active every day by going on walks with her family or doing yoga and resistance band exercises at home.

By coupling dietary changes with regular exercise, Amy successfully lost nearly 100 pounds. Her weight loss transformation required dedication, but it greatly improved her health and quality of life.

Bariatric Surgery

Amy Slaton decided to undergo bariatric surgery in 2019 after struggling with her weight for years. She weighed over 400 pounds at the time and had health issues like sleep apnea and swelling in her legs. Amy’s sister Tammy had already gotten weight loss surgery, so Amy decided it was time for her to take that step as well. She underwent a vertical sleeve gastrectomy, which removed about 80% of her stomach.

The surgery was a success for Amy. In the first month after surgery, she lost 30 pounds. By early 2020, Amy had lost close to 140 pounds since the surgery. The bariatric surgery helped jumpstart Amy’s weight loss journey and improved her health. However, Amy still had to put in a lot of hard work through diet and exercise to continue losing weight and keeping it off after surgery.


Amy’s most significant challenge has been learning to balance motherhood while continuing her weight loss journey. In 2021, Amy gave birth to her first son, Gage, while filming Season 3 of 1000-lb Sisters. Even though she was still actively losing weight, Amy’s pregnancy progressed smoothly, and she delivered Gage via C-section. After giving birth, Amy made caring for Gage her top priority while adjusting to life as a new mom.

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In July 2022, Amy gave birth to her second son, Glenn, and has talked about the difficulties of having two young kids. She finds it exhausting to keep up with both boys while maintaining her own health goals. However, Amy remains determined to be an active, involved mom and provide a better childhood for her kids than she experienced herself. Motherhood gives Amy extra motivation to continue losing weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Maintaining her Weight Loss

Amy Slaton Weight Loss Progress

After undergoing bariatric surgery in 2019, Amy worked hard to maintain her weight loss. She lost a significant amount of weight in the first year after surgery, going from 406 pounds down to 275 pounds. However, maintaining the weight loss long-term required continued effort on Amy’s part.

She had to stick to the diet guidelines provided by her bariatric team, which meant eating small, nutritious, high-protein meals spaced throughout the day. Amy also made exercise part of her regular routine, incorporating low-impact activities like walking on the treadmill to help burn calories and build muscle.

One of the biggest keys for Amy was adjusting her mindset and relationship with food. She worked on not using food as an emotional crutch and instead viewing it as fuel for her body. Having the support of her doctor, nutritionist, therapist, and family was also hugely helpful for Amy to maintain accountability.

Overall, through hard work, lifestyle changes, and determination, Amy has successfully kept off most of the weight she initially lost after surgery. She serves as an inspiration to others striving for long-term weight loss maintenance.

Lessons from Amy’s Journey

Amy’s weight loss journey on *1000-lb Sisters* provides many valuable lessons that others can apply to their own lives. Despite facing numerous challenges, Amy demonstrated incredible perseverance and commitment to bettering her health.

One of the biggest takeaways from Amy’s story is the importance of having a strong support system. Having her close family members cheer her on helped Amy stay motivated even when progress seemed slow. Though the road was rocky at times, Amy and Tammy encouraged each other and grew stronger together.

Amy also stresses the significance of forming healthy habits, one small step at a time. Incremental changes like swapping soda for water, adding a serving of vegetables at each meal, and squeezing in short walks whenever possible all added up for Amy. Focusing on tiny improvements made her goals feel less overwhelming.

Additionally, Amy is candid about the psychological factors that contributed to her food addiction. She urges others struggling with emotional eating to seek therapy and find healthier coping mechanisms. Getting to the root of self-sabotaging behaviors is essential.

Though every weight loss journey is unique, Amy’s story highlights universal lessons about the value of support, small sustainable changes, and emotional health. Her honesty and perseverance continue inspiring others toward healthier lifestyles.

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Amy Today

Amy Slaton Weight Loss Before and After

Amy has come a long way in her weight loss journey since first appearing on 1000-lb Sisters. While she initially lost over 140 pounds after undergoing bariatric surgery, she has admittedly struggled to keep the weight off post-pregnancy.

As of late 2022, Amy shared that she is “not so focused on weight loss right now,” as she is busy being a mom to her son Gage. Though her weight loss has stalled, Amy seems happy and confident, and is in a new relationship. While her health journey continues, Amy is embracing this next chapter of motherhood.

The Impact of Amy’s Story

Amy Slaton’s weight loss journey on 1000-lb Sisters has inspired many viewers struggling with obesity. Despite facing numerous setbacks and health issues, Amy persevered and lost over 100 pounds through diet, exercise, and bariatric surgery. She has proven that substantial weight loss is possible even for those who are severely obese.

Many fans praise Amy as a relatable and motivational figure. Her determination to turn her life around while dealing with personal struggles has encouraged others not to give up on their own weight loss goals. Even after regaining some weight after the birth of her son, Amy continued to work hard to get back on track. She serves as an inspirational example that weight management requires commitment and resilience despite obstacles along the way.

By candidly sharing her story, Amy Slaton demonstrates that lasting change is achievable if people stick to the process. Her journey on the show highlights the importance of setting small, sustainable goals, getting support, and believing in oneself. Amy’s authenticity and success make her a powerful role model for the show’s viewership and beyond.

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