Derrick Lewis Weight Loss: A Deep Dive

Derrick Lewis is a heavyweight MMA fighter who competes in the UFC. He is known for his knockout power and exciting fighting style, with several record-setting knockouts on his resume. However, Lewis has also struggled with his weight throughout his career. Despite being near the 265 pound heavyweight limit, Lewis has shown up to fights noticeably out of shape and overweight.

After a string of lackluster performances and difficulties making weight, Lewis realized he needed to make major changes if he wanted to reach his full potential. This set him on the path of transformation through improved nutrition, training, and lifestyle habits. Lewis was motivated to lose the excess weight holding him back, become an elite competitor, and extend his MMA career.

Lewis’ Weight Issues Early in his Career

Derrick Lewis Weight Loss

Earlier in his UFC career, Derrick Lewis struggled with weight management and consistently missed the heavyweight limit of 265 lbs. At UFC Fight Night 105 in February 2017, Lewis weighed in at 288.5 lbs for his fight against Travis Browne, coming in nearly 25 lbs over the limit. The UFC fined Lewis 30% of his purse for missing weight.

Lewis’ weight issues contributed to cardiovascular problems that hindered his performance. In 2018, Lewis lost to Daniel Cormier by rear naked choke after gassing out in the second round. Against Junior Dos Santos in 2019, Lewis again tired quickly and ended up losing by TKO in the second round. These losses demonstrated that Lewis needed to improve his diet and conditioning to compete with elite heavyweights.

Nutrition Changes

Derrick Lewis Diet

Derrick Lewis decided he needed to make big changes to his diet and nutrition if he wanted to reach his fitness goals. According to a report from Fitness Reaper, Lewis hired a nutritionist to help overhaul his diet plan.

With the help of his nutritionist, Lewis started cooking his own nutritious meals and doing meal prep instead of relying on fast food and takeout. His new diet cut out junk food and unhealthy options that had been a staple before.

According to sources, Lewis now eats clean proteins like chicken sausage and eggs, complex carbs like oatmeal and sweet potatoes, and nutrient-dense veggies. His nutritionist helped him develop a meal plan to reach his fitness goals through healthy, home-cooked meals.

New Training Regimen

Derrick Lewis has changed up his training regimen significantly to aid in his weight loss journey. Where he previously focused mainly on strength training, he now incorporates a lot more cardio and conditioning into his workouts. Lewis has also started working with new coaches who have helped him adopt a more well-rounded MMA training approach.

According to sources, Lewis now does cardio every morning before breakfast. This includes cycling, jogging, swimming, and other activities aimed at improving his endurance and aerobic capacity. His coaches have Lewis doing MMA circuits several times a week which combine weight training, grappling, sparring, and cardio drills. He also engages in more technique-focused pad work and drilling. This increased time spent on cardio and functional MMA training has been integral to Lewis’ weight loss transformation.

Lifestyle Changes

Derrick Lewis Workout

Derrick Lewis made several key lifestyle changes that helped contribute to his weight loss and improved performance in the UFC. One major change was completely stopping drinking alcohol. Lewis had struggled with drinking earlier in his career, but realized it was hindering his training and focus. By cutting out alcohol, he improved his discipline and mentality around fighting and training.

In addition, Lewis began taking his training and fighting much more seriously. As noted in this chronicle article, the lifestyle changes ended up positively impacting his kids’ lives as well. Lewis devoted himself fully to improving his skills, conditioning and strategy. He worked on his mental focus, drive and determination to reach the top levels of the UFC. The dramatic lifestyle shifts clearly paid off, as Lewis started seeing better results and performance in his fights after making these changes.

Seeing Results

After sticking to his new nutrition and training plan for several months, Lewis began to see noticeable results with his body composition. He lost a significant amount of weight, dropping from nearly 270 pounds down to the 240s. This weight loss reduced overall body fat and helped reveal more muscle definition.

In addition to looking leaner, Lewis also reported feeling an increase in his energy levels and cardiovascular endurance. The weight loss took pressure off his joints and back, giving him greater stamina to push through tough training sessions. He was able to train for longer periods of time and recover more quickly. The increased energy and improved fitness proved valuable in his performances inside the Octagon.

Better Performance

After making significant changes to his diet, training regimen, and lifestyle, Lewis began to see major improvements in his MMA performances. He went on an impressive win streak, scoring dominant victories over opponents like Marcin Tybura, Ilir Latifi, and Aleksei Oleinik.

Whereas Lewis was previously known for sluggish performances that often went to close judges decisions, he started winning fights decisively by KO/TKO. He utilized his power more effectively and showed increased cardio that allowed him to maintain a high pace through 3-5 rounds. Lewis directly credits his weight loss and improved training for the dramatic turnaround in his results. By trimming down and enhancing his skills, Lewis proved he could compete with the elite of the UFC heavyweight division.

Advice for Others

Tips for Weight Loss

Lewis has plenty of advice for others looking to transform their physique and improve their fitness. He recommends starting with small, sustainable changes rather than drastic overhauls. For example, cutting out sugary sodas and fast food for healthier options. When it comes to training, Lewis advises focusing on full body circuits and cardio sessions to increase endurance and burn calories. He stresses the importance of consistency and not giving up when the scale doesn’t immediately move.

Mentally, Lewis says the key is to stay motivated and think long-term. Don’t let a slip up derail all your progress. Keep the end goal in mind and get right back on track. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Having a strong support system helps too. Surround yourself with positive people who will keep you accountable. Lewis credits his family and training partners for always having his back on his fitness journey. With dedication and patience, Lewis believes anyone can make lasting lifestyle changes.

Continuing the Lifestyle

Derrick Lewis has been able to maintain his substantial weight loss over the past few years by staying focused on keeping his fitness and nutrition on track. After struggling with his weight early in his UFC career, Lewis realized he needed to fully commit to a lifestyle change if he wanted to maximize his potential.

Though the initial weight loss required intense focus and discipline, Lewis has made his new regimen a permanent part of his life. He continues to follow a clean, high protein diet designed to fuel his workouts and recovery. Lewis also sticks to a consistent strength and conditioning program, understanding that staying in shape is critical as a world-class heavyweight fighter.

Sources close to Lewis note that he has not wavered on his nutrition or training, even during time off between fights. He knows that maintaining his new physique and fitness level is the key to sustaining excellence in the Octagon. Lewis’ commitment to his health and performance has allowed him to take his career to new heights.


Derrick Lewis has come a long way in his battle with weight management. Early in Lewis’ MMA career, he struggled to meet the 265 pound weight limit for the heavyweight division. Lewis was known for his last minute weight cuts, often showing up to weigh-ins looking gaunt and depleted.

However, after consecutive losses Lewis realized he needed to make some changes. With improved nutrition, a new training program tailored to his body type, and lifestyle adjustments, Lewis slowly transformed his physique. No longer does Lewis have to starve himself or cut massive amounts of water weight to make weight. He comes in strong, healthy and ready to perform.

Lewis’ journey shows that with dedication and consistency, lasting lifestyle changes can be made. He offers inspiration and advice to others struggling with their weight. While the journey wasn’t easy, Lewis demonstrates it’s never too late to adopt healthier habits. The key is finding an approach that works for your individual body and sticking to it. Lewis hopes his story can motivate others facing similar battles with their weight.

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