Naomie Olindo’s Weight Loss Story

Naomie Olindo is an American television personality and businesswoman best known for being a cast member on the Bravo reality series Southern Charm from 2016 to 2020. She joined the show in season 3 shortly after she began dating original cast member Craig Conover.

Naomie quickly became a fan favorite for her down-to-earth charm and levelheadedness amongst the drama. She left Southern Charm after season 6 to focus on her budding business ventures and personal life. Recently, Naomie made headlines for her incredible weight loss transformation that left fans stunned.

Her Struggles with Body Image

Naomie Olindo Weight Loss Story

Appearing on a popular reality show like Southern Charm put immense pressure on Olindo to look a certain way. As one of the main cast members, she felt scrutinized for her looks and constantly compared herself to the other women on the show. Being on camera so often made her hyperaware of her body.

Olindo struggled with confidence and was very self-conscious about parts of her figure. The focus on appearances in the Hollywood culture of reality television caused her to develop body image issues. She wanted to change the way she looked but found it difficult to lose weight and get in better shape initially.

Her Previous Diet and Exercise Routine

Before her weight loss journey, Naomie Olindo admitted her diet consisted of lots of fast food and sugary treats. She enjoyed eating fried foods like chicken fingers and French fries, as well as pizza, cookies, candy, and ice cream.

Naomie didn’t focus much on nutrition or making healthy choices. She also didn’t have an exercise routine and was not very active, which led to gradual weight gain over the years.

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Deciding to Lose Weight

Naomie Olindo Weight Loss Result

Naomie Olindo had struggled with body image issues for years before deciding to lose weight.

She was motivated to get in shape for a few key reasons:

  • She wanted to feel more confident and comfortable in her own skin. After years of critiquing her body, she was ready to make a change.

  • She knew losing weight would improve her overall health. Carrying extra pounds can increase the risk for various health issues.

  • Her mental health was suffering due to her body image struggles. She wanted to feel happier and relieve anxiety about her appearance.

  • She was concerned her weight would impact her lifespan and wanted to live a long, healthy life.

  • She wanted to feel strong and capable in her body. Having energy, strength and endurance were important goals.

Her Weight Loss Approach

Naomie decided to take control of her health and lose weight through intermittent fasting and improving her diet. She started skipping breakfast and pushing her first meal of the day to around noon or later. This allowed her to have a longer overnight fast between dinner and lunch the next day.

She also began avoiding processed foods and sugars, sticking to high protein options like chicken and fish with vegetables. One of her go-to meals was a “Blender Bomb” smoothie packed with healthy fats and protein to keep her full. By improving her diet through intermittent fasting and clean eating, Naomie was able to slim down in a healthy, sustainable way.

Her Fitness Routine

Naomie incorporated both cardio and strength training into her routine. She started off slowly, doing 30-minute workouts twice a week that were half cardio and half strength training.

For cardio, she would do a mix of rowing and biking to get her heart rate up. For strength training, she focused on exercises like hip thrusts, sumo squats, and other moves targeting her glutes and legs. As Naomie increased her fitness level, she gradually increased the duration and frequency of her workouts.

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Seeing Results

Naomie Olindo Weight Loss Progress

Naomie’s healthy diet and consistent exercise routine paid off in a big way. As documented on her Instagram page, Naomie lost over 25 pounds between 2017 and 2018. She went from 159 pounds down to 133 pounds, slimming down to a size 4/6 (Naomie’s Instagram). Her weight loss transformation was nothing short of incredible. Naomie completely changed her physique through hard work and determination.

She toned up, losing fat and building lean muscle. Her legs and arms were notably slimmer and more sculpted. After struggling with body image issues in the past, Naomie was thrilled with her new look and all the progress she had made. Seeing the results kept Naomie motivated to stick to her healthy regimen long-term.

Maintaining Her Progress

Naomie has been successful at keeping the weight off long-term by sticking to her healthy habits. She continues to avoid processed foods and added sugars, focusing on lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats. Meal prepping on Sundays helps Naomie stay on track during busy weeks. She also makes sure to keep exercising regularly, doing a mix of circuit training, spin classes, and yoga.

One key to maintaining her progress has been allowing occasional indulgences while practicing moderation. Naomie doesn’t deprive herself, but simply fits treats into her overall healthy diet and fitness routine. She emphasizes the importance of loving yourself and your body throughout the whole process.

Advice to Others

Weight Loss Tips

Naomie has some tips for others looking to lose weight successfully:

  • Take it slow and steady. Crash diets rarely lead to long-term weight loss. Focus on making incremental changes over time rather than drastic changes all at once.
  • Find an eating plan that works for your lifestyle and is sustainable. Naomie had success with intermittent fasting, but what works for one person may not work for the next.
  • Incorporate more activity into your daily routine. Naomie made working out part of her regular schedule. Look for small ways to be more active day-to-day.
  • Don’t get discouraged if the weight doesn’t come off overnight. It took Naomie over a year to lose 25 lbs. Persistence and dedication are key.
  • Have a strong support system. Having people to motivate you and keep you accountable makes a big difference.
  • Make sustainable changes. The key is developing healthy habits you can maintain long-term, not temporary quick fixes.
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Looking Ahead

Naomie has big plans for the future as she looks to maintain her weight loss success. She hopes to continue improving her diet by cooking more meals at home and focusing on healthy, balanced nutrition. Exercise will remain a priority, with a mixture of strength training, cardio, and yoga to keep her routine fresh and engaging.

One of Naomie’s main goals is establishing long-term, sustainable habits to preserve her progress. She understands that losing weight is just the beginning, and that maintenance requires diligence and self-care. Naomie also wishes to inspire others who are on their own health journeys, by sharing tips and accountability on social media.

While Naomie is no longer appearing on Southern Charm, she is excited about potential new projects in the works, including podcasts, collaborations, and business ventures. She is optimistic about this next chapter and feels empowered by how far she has come. Naomie plans to continue bettering herself while radiating positivity and confidence.

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