Caleb Swanigan’s Weight Loss Triumph

Caleb Swanigan was an American professional basketball player who struggled with his weight from a young age. Despite his large size, Swanigan had immense talent and dedication to the sport of basketball. He worked hard throughout high school and college to achieve his dream of playing in the NBA. However, Swanigan’s weight was a constant obstacle that he had to overcome.

At one point weighing over 350 pounds, Swanigan made the incredible decision to lose over 100 pounds in under a year through diet and exercise. This dramatic weight loss transformation allowed Swanigan to showcase his full basketball potential and make it to the NBA. This article will explore Caleb Swanigan’s background, his inspirational weight loss journey, and the impact it had on his basketball career.

Early Life and Basketball

Caleb Swanigan Weight Loss

Caleb Swanigan was born on April 18, 1997 in Indianapolis, Indiana. His father, Carl Swanigan, was a former NBA player who struggled with drug addiction and homelessness. Caleb’s mother left his father when Caleb was young, and Caleb bounced between homes of family members, foster homes, and homeless shelters [1].

Caleb started playing basketball at a young age. By age 5, he was already 275 pounds. His weight fluctuated dramatically throughout his childhood as he struggled with obesity. The instability of moving between homes made healthy eating difficult. Despite his size, Caleb showed immense potential on the basketball court from an early age.

Weight Issues

As a child, Caleb struggled significantly with his weight. By 8th grade, he had reached 350 pounds, which caused major health issues for someone so young. His size made it difficult for him to keep up on the basketball court, and hampered his potential as a player.

After a frank discussion with his middle school basketball coach, Caleb decided things needed to change. He knew that if he wanted to reach his dreams of playing college and professional basketball, he needed to get in shape. This conversation with his coach sparked Caleb’s fitness transformation journey.

Fitness Transformation

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Caleb was committed to losing weight before starting high school. He worked out multiple times per day, 6 days a week to transform his body. Caleb cut out all junk food and soda from his diet, eating healthy home-cooked meals instead. His dedication to improving his fitness paid off, as he lost over 75 pounds in just 8 months.

Dramatic Weight Loss

By the time he was an 8th grader, Caleb Swanigan weighed nearly 400 pounds. He was eating unhealthily and not exercising. During his freshman year of high school, with a new focus on diet and a rigorous exercise routine, Swanigan lost over 100 pounds in less than a year. He went from almost 400 pounds down to about 245 pounds.

This dramatic weight loss unlocked Swanigan’s potential in basketball. Without the extra weight holding him back, he could suddenly jump higher, run faster, and have more stamina on the court. Swanigan’s newfound athleticism catapulted him to success as a high school basketball player. His weight loss journey transformed his abilities and his life.

High School Basketball Career

Caleb Swanigan had a standout high school basketball career at Homestead High School in Fort Wayne, Indiana. As a senior in 2015, Swanigan averaged 22 points and 11 rebounds per game [1]. His stellar play earned him numerous accolades, including being named a McDonald’s All-American and Mr. Basketball in the state of Indiana.

Swanigan was ranked as the 16th best high school prospect in the country by RSCI Top 100 for the class of 2015. His combination of size, strength, and skill made him one of the most coveted recruits coming out of high school. Swanigan chose to play college basketball close to home at Purdue University.

College at Purdue

Caleb Swanigan played 2 seasons of college basketball at Purdue University from 2015 to 2017. He had a very successful college career, being named the Big Ten Player of the Year in 2017. During his sophomore season, Swanigan averaged an impressive 18.5 points and 12.5 rebounds per game. He was a consensus first-team All-American and helped lead Purdue to a Big Ten regular season championship. Swanigan declared for the NBA draft after his sophomore season.

NBA Career

Caleb Swanigan Basketball

Swanigan was drafted 26th overall by the Portland Trail Blazers in the 2017 NBA draft after two standout seasons playing for Purdue in the Big Ten Conference [1]. He played two seasons in Portland before being traded to the Sacramento Kings in 2019.

Throughout his NBA career, Swanigan has continued the fitness regimen that helped him lose over 100 pounds in high school. He has spoken about the importance of staying disciplined with diet and exercise as a professional athlete. Though his NBA career has been limited by injuries, Swanigan’s transformation from an overweight child to NBA player shows the dramatic impact lifestyle changes can make. His perseverance and hard work serve as an inspiration to many.

Lasting Lifestyle Changes

Caleb Swanigan’s weight loss transformation has proved to be long-lasting. Though he initially lost weight in order to pursue basketball in high school and college, Swanigan has maintained his significant weight loss years later as a pro athlete. He credits his continued diet and exercise routine for keeping the pounds off. Swanigan’s story serves as an inspiration for others struggling with obesity and weight issues.

By overcoming homelessness and other challenges early in life, he demonstrated that dramatic lifestyle changes are possible with dedication and perseverance. Caleb Swanigan’s lasting weight loss success proves that health goals can be achieved and maintained long-term.


Caleb Swanigan’s weight loss journey has been nothing short of remarkable. After reaching nearly 400 pounds as a middle schooler, Swanigan was able to dramatically transform his body through diet and exercise. His fitness transformation unlocked his basketball potential in a huge way.

Swanigan lost over 100 pounds which allowed him to become a dynamic force on the court. He went on to have an illustrious high school career, earned All-American honors at Purdue, and was selected in the first round of the NBA draft by the Portland Trailblazers. His newfound athleticism and stamina were clear results of his dedication to fitness and clean eating.

Swanigan’s weight loss journey demonstrates the tremendous physical and mental benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. His story serves as inspiration that through hard work, it is possible to overcome adversity and transform your life. Swanigan’s lasting commitment to health and fitness even after accomplishing his basketball dreams, highlights the importance of building permanent positive habits.

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